Soybean Oil as an Alternative Source of Biodiesel

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International Journal of Advanced Natural Sciences and Engineering Researches
Abstract: The world is fatigued by the devastating consequences of utilizing fossil fuels, which have a detrimental impact on the environment, economy, public policy, and human social interactions. In the pursuit of environmentally friendly alternatives to fossil fuels, various renewable energy sources have emerged. Among these, soybean oil has recently gained attention as a flagship prospect for the most promising energy source of the future. Currently, soybean is being used as a substitute for biodiesel production due to its abundant oil content and renewable nature. With the growing demand for renewable energy sources, soybean has become a viable choice for biodiesel production, providing a sustainable substitute for fossil fuels. The utilization of soybean as a feedstock for biodiesel production has gained popularity in recent years, as it offers a renewable and environmentally friendly solution to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Consequently, agricultural sustainability will be promoted, and new job opportunities will be created. Soybean biodiesel has been found to exhibit similar performance characteristics to petroleum diesel, making it a practical and efficient alternative for transportation and other diesel-powered applications. This article aims to illuminate the significance of using soybean oil as a novel source of biodiesel by understanding its properties, conversion process, and addressing some challenges in adopting it as a renewable energy source.